How can I convince my daughter her boyfriend is wrong for her?

My daughters boyfriend is a dud. She keeps breaking up with him but he says he is sorry and will change and never does. She says he is selfish and only thinks about himself, refuses to take her out and if they go out she pays, he never talks to us and comes to our house only at 9:00 at night, stays for an hour and leaves. Doesn’t talk to her and will not do anything she wants. How can I convince her she should break up with him for good?

Answer #1

You can’t convince your daughter that. My mom is trying to do that to me and I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work!

You can say anything… you can be mad or sad or disappointed.. no matter what your mood… it wont work.

You’ll just have to let her make this mistake by herself.

Answer #2

U can’t make her but you can tlk to her and tell her you don’t like how he treats her.. And tell her that she could really get Hurt if she stays with him(emotionally) and hopefully she is smart and dumps him but but if not than you probably can’t do anything about it )):

Answer #3

You are her mother, you know what is best for her, better tell the Boyfriend straight away that he is not welcome, she will get over it eventually.

Answer #4

u cant my m8s are the same as your kid and her boyfriend you have to let her find out her self I no it will hurt bt she need to do it and it will hurt a mum I no that bt shes got to make her own mistakes sorry

I hope this helped

fun mail if you want more help =]

Answer #5

you’re thinking your daughter deserves a lot better and want to see her happy with someone that treats her better? yeah you’re probably right, but she has to learn from her own mistakes and sometimes persuading someone not to stay with their boyfriend/girlfriend only makes them more determined to make it work. at some stage your daughter will probably break up with her boyfriend and yes you’ve seen it coming, but you just need to be there for her. it’s clear you only want the best for her though : )

Answer #6

look I think your all wrong and not thinking straight. The mother cant tell the boy off or her daughter off and she cant keep letting her daughter hang out with this so called boyfriend. Look as long as your daughter isnt getting into anything serious like sex…I think she’s fine but if she’s even considering it…u need to TALK to her. It’s not something that you need to pretend is BIGGG!!! Ok, daughters can talk. but if you do do that…make sure she knows that it’s only for the best.

Answer #7

My mom did the SAME thing, Truthfully. You can’t. and you won’t. You have to let her learn on her own.

Answer #8

well thats the oppisite of my boyfriendd, I agree with morgoth

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