Who thinks my sister dying 5 yr old hair is wrong?

She wants to dye her 5 yr old son hair!!?? Do you think its wrong? Or is it just me flippn out

Answer #1

Aksk him if he would like his hair to be it’s natural color or the new color and see what he says, after all it is HIS hair.

Answer #2

listen it culd burn the wee boii head and it would be very sore 4 him

Answer #3

it is very wrong a baby is not an accessory, she cant just go around dying its hair and whatnot she needs to treat her kid like a kid and not like a miniature adult

Answer #4

I think it is wrong

Answer #5

yes its wrong and it would look weird! besides natural color is always better

Answer #6

I think it encourages children that looks do really matter in this world way too young. He is 5 years old. And shes encouraging him to enhance his looks?

On the other hand, it could give him self esteem about himself which is very important to have when he reaches age 9 ish.

I guess one time would be okay. But if she starts getting him an ear piercing and making him wear man jewelry, then I would definitely have a conversation with her.

Answer #7

well, she won’t listen..is it harmful? maybe that can stop her..would it harm him?

Answer #8

It’s wrong. Let him enjoy his natural hair color for a while! If he wants to dye his hair when he’s older, let him make that decision.

Answer #9

aahhah you should..maybe she’ll listen to u..shes shes 19..she had her baby at age 13 so shes stupid herself lmao

Answer #10

yes it is!

Answer #11

WRONG WRONG WRONG her roots are not yet strong enough…… try to wait till 7 or 8 y.o

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