Punishment, right or wrong to smack kids?

Do you think it’s right or wrong to smack kids when they’re really bad?

Answer #1

Only on the rear - do not cross the punishment / abuse line.

Answer #2

it’s right to smack them when they’re really bad as long as you don’t do it all the time. But when you do, give em a smackin they’ll remmeber. If you do it all the time, it loses its effect trust me

Answer #3

my grandma hit my mom, my grandmas grandma hit her child, my granddad hit my dad, they all came out fine. now a days every1 has feeling and every1 knows what to do with your kid, smacking your kid is alright aslong as its not in the face and it doesnt do any real damage, like a little smack on the butt or maybe arm

Answer #4

NOOO my mom did that to me until I was like six and I STILL hate her for it. dont jeaporodize u & your kids relationship by violence. time outs and no TV for 1/2 hour work just as effectively without the tears.

Answer #5

I think in extreme cases its okay but I mean like the kid are hitting you or others. maybe it is not good though because some parents would take it too far.

Answer #6

No, I don’t think it is expecially in the face spanking a kid in the face is like slapping who they are But if you MUST give a SLITE tap on the but thats it

Answer #7

Is ok to punished your kid’s like spank them in the butt or taking there play station away, or punish them by taking there favorite activities away but is never ok to slap a kid, especially if it’s on the face.

Answer #8

I have no kids actually but I think that this kind of punishment isn’t good for both of the parent and the child , and at the end the child will get used to it and will do whatever he wants as long as it will only cost him a smack , I’ve seen that with my friend’s children , so I think that grounding is more effective, good luck.

Answer #9

If they’re are really bad you can hit them but not too hard, you don’t want to damage them, you jut want the message across. And don’t do it often at all, only when really big things happen.

Answer #10

Dear b1ff, It is never okay to hurt a child. This is inflicting pain on someone they love because of their frustrations. A child responds to proper communication and there is never a need to hurt. In places like Sweden it is illegal to spank a child and their crime rates and bullying are the lowest. In Canada you can spank a child lightly on the behind only and must not leave a mark. This will soon also be illegal. It is only when a parent is frustrated and has poor communications skills that they would resort to hurting a child. Sue…good luck

Answer #11

Ok not to be rude to anyone but 1.its aginst the law 2.It depeandes on what they did ok heres my opinion im only 13 but I think its not rite to hit kids but if there lil you cant really ground them but if they do sumthin bad and they keep it up you should just spank them but not with a freakin belt just a lil spank not to hard just enough to make them sad and when they say there sry and try to give you a huge you know they are

Answer #12

Spanking’s are for the severe cases, like a child running out into the middle of the road, or something like that,never anywheres but on the behind and only with your hand, no belt or nothing.(my mothers favorite was the hairbrush).taking away privilages or time out is better and comes out with better results.

Answer #13

If they misbehave then ground them from what they like doing, PlayStation, xbox ,tv, phone, ect… It worked will all 3 of my kids and I never needed any kind of physical punishment

Answer #14

I don’t endorse violence in my home.

Answer #15

nope its not right

Answer #16

hitting a child to leave a mark or with anything but your hand is considered child abuse in all of North America. Do not do it. Sue

Answer #17

hmm I think its wrong because honestly, its the parent letting their stress and anger out on their child’s body taking priviledges away is much more effective or putting them in time out if they’re young enough

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