My 4 month old wakes up screaming, what could be wrong?

She mite only be in bed asleep 10mins & she wakes up roaring, ill get her back to sleep but she will wake like this every 15mins for over 2hrs, then she settles.

Answer #1

Nightmares. :( My son has them all the time- sometimes they’re triggered by a tummy ache though- so I give him some gripe water and burp him and he’s usually just fine after that.

Answer #2

she might have bad dreams… I don’t know if babys that little dream but that could be it. my friends daughter woke up screaming a couple times she is two we think she has a bad dream.

Answer #3

4 month old is too early to have night terrors, she could be colic, have reflux, I would talk to your doctor about it

Answer #4

tanx every1 4 all your answer V.helpful Del x

Answer #5

sometimes that just is the way it is with babys. nothing to be terribley conserned with. you can try warm bottle, with a little bit of rice cereal in it. sometimes that will help infants sleep better.

Answer #6

She might be having night terrors. If it continues for several weeks, I highly suggest taking her to the doctor. If it doesn’t, she might just be having nightmares.

Answer #7

she either could be hungry or teething. my baby was teething at 4months and I had to get teething tablets you give her two or three they are all natural and she will be fine after you give them to her

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