How to tell my parents im anorexic

Im pretty sure im anorexic and my parents dont know. My friends keep telling me I should tel them but I dont know how. How do I tell my parents im anorexic? Please help me out.

Answer #1

Tell them, “I need you to look at this site:

It will tell them how to help - I wish you the very best !!

Answer #2

Just come out and tell them. Anorexia and Bulimia are not diseases to fool around with. They are killers. The only way to overcome them is through the help of therapists or counselors.

By the way, they are not diseases that you have any control over. They are mental diseases caused by your mind giving you false body images. It’s cause is not something you had any control over, so don’t be ashamed about it. GET HELP!

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