Do they tell your parents your pregnant?

I was wondering if you took and a test and it was positive and negative If you go to the doctor and get a blood test to see if your pregnant and you are do they tell your parents your pregnant even if you ask them not too?

Answer #1

doctor patient confidentiality, if you ask them not to, I don’t believe they can…

Answer #2

it depends how old you are if your under 18 they might if your over they legally cant normaly if your over 16 they wont but might

Answer #3

if there not an adult there is no confidentiality though they legaly have to tell your parents if your under the age of consent though

Answer #4

Because of the hippo laws a doctor cannot tell a patients parent reguardless of their age but depending on the incurance you have your parents might get a statement for a payment and ask you about it. You could always go through Green Hills Community Action Agency and get some birth control or some type of family planning facility.

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