Why am I scared to tell my parents that im depressed?

Why is it im too scared to tell my parents im depressed. I’ve tried to hint around that something is wrong but they just dont get it.

Answer #1

I think you should talk to a counselor at school about it, just so you can find out what level of depression you are at and what can be done about it. And once you do that, talk to your parents about it. It will probley be easier to talk to a counselor about it first. Good luck, hope your okay.

Answer #2

Because its hard to let your parents know that you’re not their perfect little child… Also parents seem to think it is teenage angst vs. depression…

Like stephanie said, going in with the facts can be helpful,

If you dont have a school counselor, maybe you can see your physician/dr or if your school has a nurse…

If not look up depression symptoms online, tell your parents you have a b and c on the list and you’d like to go see someone about it…

You should talk to them though. Most times it doesnt just go away.

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