How do I tell my parents I'm depressed?

how do I tell my parents im depressed? I think im depressed im sad all the time I cry a lot and a lot of other things im scared to tell them cause im not sure how they will react

Answer #1

well honey you can just sit them down and lte them know how hard this is for you to let them know and how hard life is being depressed they should understand tell them you want to see a doctor not like a docotr doctor but like a phsycologist so they can diagnose you and give you medication… i think im bipolar and i had to tell my dad and he wasnt mad or anything he just gave me a hug and took me to the doctor i hope i helped you

Answer #2

First you should know that you are not alone and that many people deal with depression of all levels everyday. I was very depressed in jr high and high school but I learned to deal with it and although I have times of sadness now and then I’ve leaned to cope and am generally pretty happy.

You should talk to somebody about your feelings. If one of your parents say “how’s your day” or “how are you doing”, be honest, just say you’ve not been feeling so great. I’m sure they’ll prod for more information and then you can talk about it. If you have a good, close friend you could try to open up to then, although as I remember people your age usually aren’t the best at this topic, so unless you have a very understanding friend that might not be the best route. If you have an adult you can confide in, go that route first.

I don’t know if you’re into writing at all, but I found that very theroputic (sp?) when I was down, actually I still write my feelings out when I’m dealing with something. It may even help to start the conversation with your parents to write them a letter expaining what you’re going through.

If none of this seems to work I used to call the hope line 800 394 HOPE. They are trained professionals, completly free, and confidential. They might be able to help you make sence of some of your feelings.

Just try to keep in mind that this will pass and finding some help along the way will make it easier and pass that much sooner. If you hafe any questions or need someone to chat with feel free to fun mail me.

Answer #3

write them a letter, you can re write it as many times as you want and not feel embarrassed.

they will be worried, they will be scared but its only because they care.

thats how I told my parents, my mum understood, my dad didnt but I felt a lot better once I told them. at least they knew and didnt blame themselves

Answer #4

Don’t be scared to tell your parents, they will want to know how you are feeling. Talking things over is great therapy. If necessary they can take you to see your doctor.

Good Luck

Answer #5

just tell them, hopefully they will understand and try to comfort you and help you out, if they don’t go to your doctor or call someone that can help you and then you can talk to them…don’t worry about what anyone else thinks…just take care of #1…YOU…it is so hard to tell parents anything, they just crab and growl…but hopefully they won’t…if you need anything or someone to talk to …i am here…been thru it

Answer #6

thanx that helps a little

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