How to tell my parents that I'm pregnant?

im preganet but my parents don’t know how do I tell them?

Answer #1

First off, why did you want to get pregnant in the first place if you don’t want your parents to find out? You’re going to half to talk to them now. Because sooner or later they WILL find out. It’s impossible to hide a pregnancy.

Answer #2

Just sit down and tell them, might as well get it over with. Don’t wait too long, you need to tell them now that you know for sure your pregnant. They will be even more hurt if you wait a while.

Answer #3

sit them down and dont drag it out. just kind of be like mom, dad I have something very important to tell you and just blurt it out.

Answer #4

Do your parent’s know your sexually active? If not, While your in the car, spark a canversation pretending you are referring to a movie or a freind from school that is in your exact situation. Slickly try to find out how(he, or she) would feel if that was you. When you find out what type of reaction thay might have you may figure out how to say it. If you are young I know they will be angry but no matter how old you r a baby is a gift from god, the most precious gift in life and they will get over it and they will be supportive. In life there are hurdles to get through. And no matter how hard it is stay in school graduate, and go to college, since you made the mistake of getting pregnant young, learn from it and don’t ruin your education. There are many resources out there to help young mothers work and go to school.

Answer #5

Do it like jamie Lynn spears…leave a note

Answer #6

Why did you get pregnant in the first place if you didn’t want your parents to find out?

Now you have to tell them, because sooner or later they will find out. It’s impossible to hide a pregnancy.

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