Should I shave without telling my parents, If so with what razor?

I’m 14 going on 15 and I need to shave. should I tell my parents or should I just go for it. If so whose razor do I use?

Answer #1

Tell your parents, what is seriously the worse that could happen? x

Answer #2

I say you should not tell them because when I did they started frickin out and saying Im growing to fast..and use your dads!!

Answer #3

Ye because it like for the first girl t child when they have to have there peroid and they have to ask your mum for pads so you ask you dad and say”Im becoming a man and I need to shave my face” and he will understand and he will think about the day when he frist asked his dad

Answer #4

Yes. Talk to your parents. Its a part of life and theyll understand.

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