How to tell if one of my friends is anorexic?

How do I tell if my friend is starving herself before it is too late?

Answer #1

oh ya it sounds like it;( just let her know your there for her because if they don’t want help yet. Than it won’t do anything for her trust me. She has to want to get better. Let her know your there and help her through it help her know you are here to help. Hope I Made sense ; /

Answer #2

Oceanwaves: She has dark circles under her eyes and is not eating lunch at school at all and said that she has not ate in two days and is proud of it.

Answer #3

I haven’t been able to talk to her yet, but some of her other friends are worried, too.

Answer #4

what things she doing? To make you think she is?

Answer #5

thanks kaisu and oceanwaves and yes oceanwaves it made sense.

Answer #6

You need to know her weight and height so you can work out her BMI.

Answer #7

im glad I can help..

have you talked to her? what is going on with it?

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