How can I get rid of fleas from my head without telling my parents?

My father has 5 dogs, who have two have fleas. And im sure I have some. Head has been horribly itchy and I’ve felt like bugs have been crawling all over my head. But how can I get rid of them without telling my father?

Answer #1

You Could Give The Five Dogs A Bath Three Times A Week With The Help Of Flea Treatments. You Can Vaccum The Whole House. You Can Keep The Dogs Outside. But Most Important You Need To Tell Your Dad Because Fleas Can Carry Diseases And Or Parasites Like Tapeworm And Can Transfer To You If You Are Bitten By An Infected Flea.

Answer #2

Well, sure you could have fleas…and I’d be surprised, since 2 of the dogs have fleas, that ALL the dogs have fleas.

Tell your dad, so he can get some flea treatment for the dogs, and therefore rid you of them also…


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