How long does it take 4 a lip piercing 2 heal before I can take it out?

So I’ve wanted to get my lip pierced for so long but I take judo so I can’t wear them for 1hr and 20 min for 3 days a week and I only have a 2 week break where I don’t have judo and I don’t want to be away for more than a month. And Ima need help convincing my parents to let me get one because they’re pretty strict. I’ve tried almost everything and the answer is always “NO” so can someone help me please?

Answer #1

a lip piercing requires around 3 months to heal you shouldnt be taking it out before then unless you want to risk it getting infected and closing up if you cant wait for it to heal perhaps now isnt the best time to get one

Answer #2

It takes about 6 weeks to heel.

Answer #3

Did you ask your about putting firstaid tape ok it? You may get away with that until it/they heal.

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