How long will it take my lip piecring to heal fully?

Okay I have had my lip pierced for a year and I want to take it out , does anyone know how long it will take to heal over and does it leave a scar , if it does how can I get rid of the scar?

Answer #1

Nope the holes never go away my friends aunty had hers done when she was a teenager and she still has the mark !(Shes about 40 now). Your better off just leaving it in. It looks better. Xo:)

Answer #2

I had my libre and lip pierced six years ago. I had the piercings in for a couple of years and took them out 4 years ago. It took them about 5-6 weeks to “close” but the holes are still visible. Not a sexy look! lol

Answer #3

Not everybody has a scar, my best friend doesnt have a scar, and neither does my other friend who took their lip piercing out and let it heal. If it does leave a scar there is things you can do, theres this thing I believe its call Vitamin E gel caps, you just kinda rub it on there, theres also all other sorts of htings to help scars go away, ask your doctor, or brow your local pharmacy

hope I helped best of luckk

Answer #4

it takes at least 3 months to heal and no, the scar is there forever, you cant get rid of it

Answer #5

I can’t leave it in I’m going to boarding school next year and it’s not aloud.

Answer #6

is there anyway to make the holes go away?

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