How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

I want to change daa earring to a smaller one && it hurts like shittt

Howw l0ng till it heals orr I can change it What do I clean it widd

&& any tipssz thanksz

Answer #1

Your supposed to wait about 6 weeks after you get it peirced before changing them. This is because it is healing and you dont want any bacteria to get in there. For cleaning it,Just soap and water will do,or the peircing place may have given you sea salt solution that will help it heal faster.

Answer #2

wait at least a month before changing it it needs that time to heal they take anywere from around a month to even up to a year to heal but if you got it dont with a gun youll have longer healing time and jigher chance of infection

Answer #3

I got mine 4 years ago. It took about 2 weeks to completely heal. I kept in the earing they put in me for like 3 days and then I changed it to a nice one and kept it clean with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Answer #4

I changed the stud when it was 4 days old. Just keep it clean and take good care of it. =))

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