How long does it take to be able to change your lip piercing

Like, how long does it take for it till you can change the piercing, and like how do you do it, or do you have to get a perfsional to do it ? x

Answer #1

Oh okay :) thank you :D

Answer #2

Thehe, cool :) How much would it cost to get done ?

Answer #3

you can do it yourself. I would say, give it about 6-8 weeks. but dont leave it out. just change it.

Answer #4

its best to wait about 3 months to allow it to heal you can change it yourself, but do wait untill it heals if its a labret peircingsm, just unscrew the ball/spike on the top if its a ring with the ball hold the ring in both hands and “pop” the ball out with your fingers by pushing it out at an angle …to reconnect it, find the 2 small holes place one hole on the end of the ring and push the other side in

Answer #5

I would have the professional that pierced it remove it the first time - because they can judge how well it healed and if its safe.

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