Industrial piercing, how long does it take to heal?

How long does it take to heal? Can I go swim 6 weeks after I got it? If not how long after I got it can I go swimming (by the way I would go swimming in a lake so it doesn’t have all those chemicals and stuff if that matters at all)?

Answer #1

with the industrial? its verrry prone to infection, especially if youre going in a lake. industrials take up to a year to fully heal. id wait a few months, lake water is nasty. its actually better for the peircing for you to go in a pool, because the chlorine kills the bacteria that builds up in standing water.

Answer #2

they put chlorine in the water to prevent infection so pick the pool ova the lake but eitha are fine just clean it afta you go swimmin

Answer #3

just clean it after you swim. its better for you to swim in a pool though, chlorine kills germs. lakes my be freshwater but they are filthy

Answer #4

yep, its safe to go swimming after 6 weeks, it should have healed quite a bit if not fully by then. and the lake is a good idea, its like swimming in clean water so it wont cause any problems with the peircing. just make sure to clean and dry it afterwards!

Answer #5

I got mine done when I was 13 and it takes like 4-6 months depending on how fast of a healer you are and how much you take care of it… I honestly thought it was the worst piercing when it comes to pain and I have 10 piercing… but yes you can go swimming after 6 weeks just make sure you clean it afterwards =]..

Answer #6

you can swim whever you get any piercing as long as you clean it after.

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