how long will it take for my nose piercing to heal

I got my nose pierced yesterday.and im wondering how long does it takes to heal.

Answer #1

id say about amonth or 2…maybe longerr.

Answer #2

It takes 6-8weeks but if you dont take proper care of it then it may take longer to heal.

Answer #3

I have my nose peirced. it should have healed in 2 months, but mine didnt because its infected. dont get makeup in it and clean it lots!:) xx

Answer #4

it takes quite long, when you sleep you should use a band aid to keep it in our nose because it tends to come out a lot.. watch out for that it just slips out the first few months.

Answer #5

like, the hole heals or like your nose, like the pain?

Answer #6

it takes 6-8 weeks for it to heal fully

Answer #7

around 3 months it might be a bit less, ort a bit-lot more sometimes they take up to a year to fully heal

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