Lip piercings how long will it take to close?

Ok so I’ve had my snake bites for bout 6 months and I like need to take them of for an hr or so…will teh hole close by then? How long will it take for it close

Answer #1

No it wont close. I have had my mudusa piercd (above lip) for 2 months and take it out for the hole school day then put it back in when I get home. It will not close up in an hour if you have had it piered for 6 months.Dont worrie

Answer #2

I had my lip pierced for 3 months and finally took it out because of soccer and I’ve never tried to put an earing back through it but you can still see the hole and its been 2 months now. but its very small and you can hardly see it unless I pucker my lips.

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