How can you heal your lip after you take your piercing out?

I got my lip pierced maybe about twoo or 3 months ago. But im getting tired of it, and I wanted to take it out, and let it heal. I was just wondering, is there anything I can do to help make it heal fasterr, and safley, so it doesnt become infected at all. Thankkks for taking yourr time on my questionnn (: Xoxo :d

Answer #1

yea there will be a scar I peirced my own lip on like jan.24 2010, it didnt bleed or hurt and I only had it in for a day and there is still a scar and its almost been 2months ago, the scar isnt bad just like a dot/sorta hole like but nothin too noticeable..

Answer #2

no apart from still cleaning the wound regualy to help stop infection you can make it heal faster and there will still be a noticable scar/possibly indent when its healed up

Answer #3

u can put neosporin on it it help and it heals it fast and also it will leave a scar but yah neosporian works a ton

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