How is raising two kids at a young age?

I have a 10 month old son and have recently found out I’m pregnant again. I’m 20 years old and terrified. I’m against abortion but I need some assurance that I’m making the right decision on not having one. My boyfriend wants me to keep the baby, He’s not my sons biological father but has been there for me and him since he was 2 months old. He’s more of a father than most real dads I see. Financially, we’re both more than ok. He’s graduating soon and has a good job and I have two jobs that pay well. If anybody can share their experience that would be great. Quotes and songs would also be helpful. I’m not expecting this to be easy at all, I just don’t want to make the wrong decision and terminate the pregnancy. Theres not many people I can really talk to about it so I’m hoping somebody here can assure me that I’m doing the right thing..

Answer #1

its very hard, its hard raising 1 baby let alone 2 of them. I dont have a kid but I have raised my niece well shes been living with us since she was born. its hard I’ve seen people go thru it and it makes life a lot harder. id say abort and have another later when everything is settled for you 2

Answer #2

Been there, done that. I think you should feel free to depend on him. Make sure he understands that he is an equal in the parent department. With 2 kids you will be even more tired then you are now and he should be aware he will need to pick up the slack. I had two kids in my early 20’s and it was a good choice. Now my husband and I are in our mid/late 40’s and were enjoying the freedom of still being young but being finacially secure to enjoy it, travel, and just have fun. Embrace your good fortune that you found a good man who loves your first child and wants to build a life and family with you!

Answer #3

I dont have expirence personally with these kinda of things but I know people who have. ithink your making the right choice cause even if it was unexpected, you have someone else who will deeply love you and you can be a family. I know your very in love with your boyfriend and know hes a great father , but rember, since he is not the father you guys can still break upeven if that seems impossible right now so dont depend on him a lot to help you with the children cause if he leaves you, it will break ther hearts since he is the most of a father they ever had. good luck

Answer #4

well he is deff the biological father of the child I am pregnant with now. .

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