parening at a young age

I need help raising my child I am only 13 she is one how should I raise her to be

Answer #1

try talking to some of your old teachers from school for help… or talk to some friendly neighbors you may know… anyone you know who is a respectable person, and who has children is a good person to ask.

ideally, youd talk to your mom about it… but if you cant, what about another family member…

damn. your so young… I feel bad for you, and admire you at the same time for trying to do right.

remember… if you think about it long and hard, and you really feel like you cannot give your baby girl the shot at life she deserves… you may want to consider adoption… if thats too painful, or a hard option… look into leaving your baby at a hospital/police station… I know they usually take children from parents that are unable to keep them…

you’re a child yourself… this is a very difficult decision… your not done learning valueable lessons for yourself, let alone being able to teach all of these lessons to a child…

I knew a girl who had a baby when she was 13… in 7th grade I believe… she still has him now… but im not sure about the condition of the child… I know her family helped her a lot with him…

but if your trying to do this alone… adoption might be the most loving thing you can do for your child…

good luck, ill keep you in my prayers : )

Answer #2

Raise her to be the opposite of you. Saying this you know how hard it is for you to raise her so teach her right from wrong. Educate her about sex when she is older so she wont get pregnant at an early age. The best thang you can do is teach her mannors to say please and thank you, She will win over so many hearts. Good luck to you and her hun.

Answer #3

hi I had my child at 15 he is now 10 and the joy of my life with his 4 bros and sisters I am here if you have any questions or need a friend the task you have taken on wont be easy but it is all so worth it

Answer #4

do worry as long as you love your baby mother hood is natural young or not. just make sure you feed her change her shes healty &happy and the rest you will learn as you and your baby bonds. just make sure she knows right from wrong love her with your all and the rest will come with time.

Answer #5

does your mom know. Get help!

Answer #6

Omg Yur Only 13 ,And you Havee 1 Year Oldd x Datss Kindaa badd :/

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Answer #8

omg you had her at 12


my 13 yr cousin is pregnant now,


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