babysitting legal age for a kid to babysit?

does any one know the legal age for a kid to babysit? I have a very responsible 101/2 year old who babysits my 2 and 3 year old while I work. does anyone know if thats legally too young?

Answer #1

It’s morally too young. I’m sure you think she’s responsible. We had a house burn down last week in our town where a 10 year old was in charge of a 4 year old and an 18 month old. She was able to get the 4 year old out though the little one was seriously burned, but she died trying to save the 18 month old. The baby was saved by fire-fighters, but is in a medically induced coma and will likely be for a while longer. Mom went to work like she always does- the daughter knew the routine; she was responsible too… And this was during the 2 hr time frame that they were unsupervised until their dad could get home from work. Find a neighbor, sitter, or family member to watch your children. Don’t take your daughter’s childhood away from her by forcing her to grow up too quickly. She has the rest of her life to be the grown-up. It’s your responsibility to care for your children- not her’s.

Answer #2

I would say 12 would be a good age, theres nothing wrong with a ten year old if they’re mature and responsible and you know them well. But I’m 15 and I babysit 10 year olds, just saying.

Answer #3

no theres no law except for in like 2 states, 10 and a half isnt really a good age though? more like 12 to 13 but I guess if you really trust them and there mature for there age ,then its completley fine.

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