Is the age of 8 too young to use internet?

I’ve seen many websites have age restrictions. I have been using internet from when I was 8 years old(I.e. From 2003) and I think age of 8 years is not too young stage to use internet. I could manage my e-mail emails with my own. Although I was not allowed by my parents & I had to go to cyber cafe to do internet. If youngs are not allowed to use internet hou will they learn to use it. That is only the time for learning.

Answer #1

I started going on the laptop when I was only 6 but berfore I did my mum got this man to blockthe sites that she dont want me on but now she unblocked them because now she trusts me on it now im am 13 that is(:

hope it helped !:)

Answer #2

Well at the age of 8 they view things that no kid should be viewwing, um hello…

Porn, sexual stuff, bunch of things 8 years old do not need to know at that age.. Chatting, meaby finding someone who is a rapist! So manny dangers…

I mean what cainda question…

Answer #3

Eight years old…he/she would be in the second or third grade right? I think using the computer would be perfectly acceptable, but internet no. There’s so many vulerablities, and there are just so many sick people that lurk on websites praying on young children. I’d say it would be okay for a child of young age to be on the internet if it was made clear that only certain websites are allowed. For example, Webkinz and Neopets. All others should probably be blocked, and if you can’t block everything than the child should be supervised. :)

Answer #4

I dont really think its about whether you CAN do stuff on the internet when you’re 8, but whether its really a good idea in the first place. I only started using the internet when I was maybe 10, and even now I try to be careful on how dependent I get on it and technology in general. Getting dependent on this kind of stuff when you’re eight years old? Doesn’t sound like much of a brilliant plan to me. Just my opinion though…

Answer #5

Uhm thanks, but I wouldnt want my kid exposed to porn, violence, and all sorts of sick minds online. It’s like saying let the kid walk about in downtown at night, how else is s/he going to learn. You monitor and keep track. That way they learn and you keep them safe. And uhm at the age of 8 you managed to get away from your parents and go to an internet cafe? Wow, I take it your parents didnt monitor you very well.

Answer #6

I know what you mean. I been using a computer since I was 7 and now am a super computer geek :D but you have to think of how it might affect the kids life.

they might not go outside no more. or start forgetting about there homework or stay up all night to be on the computer. they don’t know how to manage there life around the computer. and kids might go on website they not allow to be on. ( porns or other stuff). it might teach them things they shouldn’t know at that age.

there many other reason why to

Answer #7

I started going on when I was 8

Answer #8

no not at all, my son has been able to sign onto aol since he was 3, but you have to use parental controls, the thing is at school they are expected now to have internet at home, theres been a few times my kids have come home, with homework, and its asking them to look things up online..which i dont think is right, as some parents dont have internet..

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