Im babysitting six kids need to keep them quiet1

Im 13 and im babysitting six kids all alone BUT… there parents are upstairs in a metting and two of them I babysit a lot when there parents are out but the other kids including them are all under the age of 6 and I need to keep them quiet! two of them breven and roni are HORRIABLE together but OK! apart and I cant seperat them in a small room. and sence they have to be quiet and know there parentsa are up stairs they cry to get up there walk up there stairs and bang on it. Piper the one I babysit a lot! is awsome and helpful but urrgghhh her brother roni is not what do I do!

Answer #1

yes you did thank you1

Answer #2

These kids are misbehaving and you’re wasting time on the computer?

Find them something to do that will entertain them…busy minds are quiet minds.

Answer #3

I wonder what’s up with the parents having a 13yr old watch 6 kids!???!!

A couple…maybe… but SIX!??! That’s too much — there’s ADULTS that can’t handle that many kids!!!

13yr old SHOULD be playing… not babysitting that many kids!

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