What are good Easter activities for young kids?

Can anybody help me out on easter activities for kids…? I’m looking for the best ideas for easter activities with 4 & 6 year olds, ideally stuff that’s a bit “outside of the box” lol.

This year, we’ll do the usual: easter egg hunt, easter baskets full of goodies (too much chocolate probably) and coloring easter eggs, of course. My two boys are 4 & 6 now. Does anybody have any good ideas for easter activities for kids this age? Thanks!

Answer #1

egg and spoon races its heaps fun

Answer #2

oooo easter egg scavenger hunt… they start out w/ one clue and they work as a team to find the biggest prize at the end!!

Answer #3

Hi, Well Not sure if you have these wonderful dollar stores there…but if your kids are into painting this can be fun….you can buy Easter theme wood cutouts for $1 and a rack of paint for $1 as well. The paint is water based and non toxic but don’t forget the sparkles this really makes the project complete. I also like the styrofoam eggs…cut out several shapes for eyes, noses, ears, feet etc out of foam pieces. These can be glued on the eggs to make faces on them. Sue

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