Kids - Ages.

If you were going to have kids…

would you want them spaced out kinda like my moms.. her ALL DAUGHTER ages are.. 24, 21, 13, 8

Or.. Wud you want to be like my oldest sister and have them at once.. she has 2 kids.. BOTH BOYS AGES are.. 7months, and 2

Answer #1

my older two kids (ages 16 and 14(almost 15) are 15 mo apart…my daughter was 5 months old when I got preg w/ my son…they grew up very close and it was nice…I also now have a 4 yr old(will be 5 end of next mo) I guess it depends on the person …

Answer #2

I would want my kids to be spaced out beacuse its a lot to handle when they are so close to age

Answer #3

No, it is easier to have their ages closer together so they’re closer as a family, and understand each other.

Answer #4

I have a son right now (7months) and I don’t plan on having another one until he is 2 years old.

Answer #5

my brother and I are only a year apart and me and him are bestfriends..we do everything together im so glad my mom had all her kids close together, otherwise we wouldnt be so close. im going to have my kids close together..yea it mite be hard to take care of 4 kids under the age of 4..but itll be worth it..

Answer #6

this one is really up to each couple or individual as some parents are able to manage with having their children close together and some can’t I have two good examples. I have two sisters my oldest has 4 girls all about a year apart and she copes fine where as my other sister had her first child and had trouble with her daughter sleeping and was a fussy eater so she disided that she would wait a few years before having more

Answer #7

2 or 3 years apart. When they’re close in age, they “bond” more.

Answer #8

closer together

Answer #9

I would want together so they are the same age and I wouldnt have to deal with college and high school or daycare and preschool

Answer #10

yeah I’d have them close together, I’m so glad my mom did. we’re all a year apart. its so nice because I dont know if I’d be as close to my siblings if they were old and moved away by the time I was like 7 or something. buuut, I really dont plan on having any kids lol

Answer #11

Closer together. Not spaced out.. I would lile my kids to “bond” together. I dont want big diferences in their ages, they wouldnt hang out much, get diferent interests, likes and dislikes, and just be too diferent.. afcourse, every person is diferent, but on that way, it would just be too much for sisters/brothers … Thats what I think …

Answer #12

I would like a total of 3 children and im having a son in june. since im just finishing highschool, I’m going to wait until im done college and start a career to have two more but I think those two will be closer in age.

Answer #13

id try and leave a 3 or 4 year gap? thats if I was having a couple

id like 4 ill probably have one every couple of years but that if im rich ;)

if im not rich ill just stick with the one,

Answer #14

I want 4 kids…so I would want to have the first two close in age, and then wait about 5 years to have another 2 kids that are close in age. I just wouldn’t want them to grow up too fast, so that’s why I’d wait after the first 2.

I have 4 older brothers and they’re 4 , 7, 9, and 13 years older, and they never showed me any attention until I was an adult…so I wouldn’t want to leave any of my out of the “sibling” picture…at least this way, they’d have one other person to relate to in age.

Answer #15

Spacing them close together is much more difficult for the mother.

Can you imagine carrying around a 10 month old & a 2yrs old, while also trying to chase your 4 yr old around!

Traditionally what women have done here for 1000’s of years is to space them 3-4yrs apart.

That way the child can assist a little more for the mother rather than hinder.

..::Kimoko Tara::..

Answer #16

I say space them out and like 2-3 years aprt. maybe 4. depends. though. your choice. its more work if you have them all at once though. xoxoTina

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