What if I'm pregnant at 14 and can't tell my parents?

Hi,Umm I’m 14 I’m in my freshman year in highschool and I’m about a month pregnant and I can’t tell my parents because they will completely disown me and probly throw me out.So,what should I do?

Answer #1

Theres is hope for you,you have made a mistake that thousands of other teenagers have,in the uk they have the highest teenage mums rate.You need to tell someone,,prob an adult,, and think seriously about your options,you just cant wipe this under the carpet and hope it goes away.Wish you all the best

Answer #2

hey, its ok, I know that now it seems like hell, but things dont happen just because, you should tell your parents, no matter how mad and angry they ll get, you are ALWAYS their dauther, and they will alwqys love you, they yell scream and maybe say the worst things you can imagine but theyll learn to love you child. 9 months from now, the grandparents will be so happy to see your little baby… it wont be easy, very hard but itll be ok in the end.

Answer #3

Do not wait any longer. Tell your parents. It will be tough but you have to start making adult decisions now:

Are you going to continue the pregnancy, or do you choose to end it? If you choose to continue you need pre-natal care. When you deliver, are you going to give the baby up for adoption? If not you are going to have a great many things to get for the baby. What about the father of the child. He has a moral and legal responsibility to help out - at the very least with money. You will need baby-sitters while you continue in school. FINISH SCHOOL!!!

Answer #4

I agree with Kimpippin, sound advice, you will need to tell someone and very quickly honey, you do have options that I hope you will discuss, but you do have to tell someone… you will need medical advise regardless of what you choose to do, im quite sure your parents wont just walk away, at first they may seem like there world has ended but believe me they will stand by yourside kicking and screaming maybe but they will be there..

Good luck honey, be brave and inform someone soon..

Answer #5

Having unprotected sex at your age was the most stupid and moronic thing you could’ve done. There is no hope for you.. either tell your parents like you should, or wait til your belly gets big enough- they notice- and freak out. You could tell a school counselor or something.. but really, getting pregnant at 14!? You’re not ready for a baby.. and I hope you slap the dad ten times.

Answer #6

if you have any cool older friends or siblings you can trust have them take you to the doctors and get an aboration that about your only choice I would be so scared if I was u cause I could never kill my own baby even if my parents would kill me id tell them and if they care about u they might be mad at first but theyll probably help you through it so ya either go get an aboration or tell your parents cause you cant just sit around waiting for it to come bcause then your parents willl be more mad you never told them and they will never trust you again good luck hun

Answer #7

damn, that’s a bummer

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