Should I tell my parents I'm pregnant?

I’m 16, 17 in 3 months. And pregnant. I live with my grandparents, and when my mum got pregnant at 16 they kicked her out because they were embarassed to have an unwed pregnant daughter. Should I tell them I’m pregnant or just wait it out as long as possilbe?

Answer #1

Dear pinkie_marie,

Awww what a mess!!! I can see where you are not sure what to do here..and I feel for you really that is awful…I am glad that you are pro life nad are not getting rid of the child.

Is The father doing to be involved? I am sure the state either way will make him Pay child suport but none the less if he is to be involved that is always great..perhaps his parents will help.

Honesty is always the better way to go in everything you do. I say tell them there is nothing worse then them not figuring it out latter or hearing from some one else…Tell them and then take it from there.

Future refference use protection you can get it for free you know…It would just be better then to go through this again later on.

Tell them though or write then..hell call them if you have to but they need to know also check into your rights you do have a lot of them being a mother your self now and what not.

Go and see a Dr…to regularly to make sure everything goes correctly…be careful too.

think things thorugh and remember your life is not just your own now..a lot is goingt o change.

Answer #2

I hate all these people who are all “your to young” like they think they are helping you by telling you this? I cant stand it! Anyways… I think you should wait a bit and think about how you are going to tell them and stuff. I myself wouldnt tell my parents right away. I hope the best for you, if you ever want to talk, im here, Im 18.

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Yeah you should tell them. I doubt you will be able to handle this on your at your age. You need health insurance and and to go to your drs appointments. Not to mention once yous tart showing they are going to find out anyway, so it is better to do it now then later because they will be more upset later on.

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Of course tell them. Your mother should understand since the same thing happened to her. She will remember being kicked out and not liking it, so she wont to the same to you. She can help you/

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I think you should be honest with them because pregrancy is something you can’t hide. your belly will grow in time .Also you should be careful when having sex,use protection.You are too young to have a child. You have your whole life ahead.

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Tell them. You need all the support you can get, if they kick you out, there are plenty of programs and homes for pregnant mothers. If you’re still with the father, see to it that you can live with him

Answer #7

u ahve to tell them you cant handle this on your own. yeah they are goin ot be mad but your family. plus your the grand child they might not treat you like your mom. good luck

Answer #8

I think you should, my daughter is 16. You are still to young to handle this on your own and have some decisions to make which is why you should ask for help. P.S: Havent you heard of condoms!!!

Answer #9

I think you should, my daughter is 16. You are still to young to handle this on your own and have some decisions to make which is why you should ask for help. P.S: Havent you heard of condoms!!!

Answer #10

You are a kid yourself. Kids shouldn’t have kids. I know it’s obviously too late to tell you to use protection.. hopefully you learned your lesson. Talk to your parents as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Can’t hide a pregnant belly. Of course they’ll be absolutely shocked and probably angry initially, but you are their own blood. They won’t understand, but they’ll be there for you. Good luck.

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why would you do it without a condom in the 1st place tho?

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tell them you made a big mistake cause if you take along time it will b worst now they can help before its to late.

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