How to tell my parents I'm 4 months pregnant?

well im almost 4 months pregnants adn im 13 but is there any way I could tell me my parents because they did not even know that I had a boyfriend what should I do>?…x

Answer #1

hi I would not like 2 be in your situation im 14 and I doan think I cud bear the thought of tellin my mum are even dad that I was pregnant.Just keep thinkin you will be a gr8 mom it will all work out .By the way does your boyfriend know?

Answer #2

WOw if you were stupid enough to get pregenant at age 13 thats your own fault just tell them.

Answer #3

Unfortunately, there is no good way to tell your parents. Sit them down. Tell them first that you have a boyfriend and how long you two have been seeing each other. Then tell them that you are pregnant. As a parent myself, I would be pissed. But I would never disown my child. S**t happens. you know. You have a hard road ahead of you sweetie. You are going to have to grow up fast. Just show your parents when your child is born that you are able to handle this. And when you turn 16 go get a job. Whatever you do don’t drop out of school. And get yourself to the doctor for some prenatal care.

Answer #4

Ok I’m going to give you advice and I can do so because I got pregnant at 14 and had my daughter at 15. Like you my parents didn’t know I was even having sex. What I can tell you is that you do need to tell them and make sure your taking care of yourself and your baby. I don’t beleive in abortion because I feel like if you were old enough to have sex then you should be old enough to have the baby. Your parents will be disappointed and maybe alittle mad but they will still love you and be there for you. At this point you have two options, have the baby and take care of it for the rest of your life or give the baby up for adoption so that a family that wants a baby is blessed with one. But you need to tell your parents.

Answer #5

Are you keeping the baby? Have you possibly considered adoption huni?..Its going to be very hard for you…Im a mother of 1 with another on the way and im 23 with a husbabnd and a sucessful its still hard…if you def want to have it then you just need to tell the…u are their child,,,they will always love you

Answer #6

Hi Hun, The best thing you can do is sit down and talk to the parent you are most comfortable with first. Then the two of you can tell the other parent together. The most important thing is to get some doctor’s care ASAP! That is essencial for your and the baby’s health. Have Faith and it will workout.

Answer #7

I think it’s bad but I don’t think you should kill it casue it’s almost a person by the time you r 21weeks is wit have the body part that makes it a person .and I should know casue I have a little boy myself and once you know you have a little life growin inside you don’t want one to take that away from you one matter how older are young you r. just sit them down tell them all that there can say I that there’re dispionted in you but and the end of the it just lfe sometime you f up in life big time. and just hope that your stands by you casue that is the person that know best.

good luck and if you want to talk fun mail ok.

Answer #8

your stupid 2 have sex at 13 im 13 2 but I would never have it at this age and just in case you know your boy friend might not even care

Answer #9

make pay some one in your family to tell them bad news. then tell them your bad news for them. I am happy for you.

Answer #10

make pay some one in your family to tell them bad news. then tell them your bad news for them. I am happy for you.

Answer #11

make pay some one in your family to tell them bad news. then tell them your bad news for them. I am happy for you.

Answer #12

thank you sooo much your so nice…x

Answer #13

Okay if you are really certain that you want to have this baby then you have to tell them but if you know they are going to get made wait till you are further into the pregnecy and then tell them but if you just want to get it over with break it tto them real slow on one of there good days but my honest opion is you are too young to have a child it not only puts you in danger but your baby as well

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