How do I tell my friends about my panic and depression?

I need to tell my friends about my panic attacks and depression very badly. I cant stand holding it in anymore. I need to tell them because I get really nervous like lunch and stuff and I need to help them understnad why. I have told my 2 best friends, but they seem scared of me now because I sometimes talk about suicide. Im not emo or anything I dress from hollister and stuff and I look totally normal on the outside and I just dont know how to go about saying this without people thinking im scary.

Answer #1

they wont think you’re scary, and if they do then you shouldnt care because those people are shallow and will go to hell(man im such a happy person). talking about suicide is almost normal nowadays, so dont feel stupid for that, you’re friends arent scared, theyre worried. make them not worried, explain to them that you have problems and theyve built on you towhere you’re depressed. panic attacks, I dont think they’re worth hiding, tell your friends, I think you can trust them with that information(personally I dont find it too personal).

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