How to help my best friend out of suicidal depression?

my best friend who I lvoe so much, is scaring me by telling me he wants to jump off a cliff or shoot himself I can understand cause somtimes I want to kill myself but his is constant, I think he mite be scitozophernic cause he tells me he has a vocie in his head telling him to shoot people, hes has major anger problems and I dont know what to do, his greif is making me depressed and I dont wana be depressed again

thank yoo xxx

Answer #1

I’ve had the exact same problem. My best friend went from being a Successful Christian to being a Satanist ((no offense to any satanists out there ;])) and she started cutitng herself,took up drugs and smoking,and just wasnt doing well. She starts cutting herself,And telling me she wanted to die,every single day.It was a constant battle. There were times where I honetsly thought she was going to kill herself. I stayed by her,and thiugh it may have got annoying,id give her any support she needed,and I would not give into her wanting to kill herself. If at any time he gets SO BAD that you are seirously scared hes going to do it this time,id cntact a parent or close relative,and have them help him out. Try to tlak to him about getting therapy,or seeing a doctor. and if things get really rough,call an ambulance,and theyll take him to the psych ward at the hospital.He may be mad for a bit but he’ll realize sooner or later that you were just being a friend.

Good luck wit your friend,I wish him the best ;]

Answer #2

I know its hard to accept. but you cant talk your friend out of anything,. they are there own person and they need to learn some lessons by there self. but you should send them to a clinic. if this kid really hears voices. he needs to get some help. I know it might seem like your turning them in, or giving up. but you arent, your helping them,

Answer #3

god!!!thats really bad!!! you should remind him day after day that u are there for him and that he can count on u!!!tell him u love him and how much he means 2 u…it can really help…and if this dnt works u shuld tell his parents whats going on because it can be really dangerous…thats all of me…I hope I helped

Answer #4

remind your friend that you are there for him/her. Ask him/her if they want to talk about it. I sometimes feel the same way but I never have a voice telling me to jump off a cliff. let them know that if they do that they will die of course. Or tell them you don’t want to loose them as a friend.

Answer #5

im really scared about it cause the other day he said im becoming like you… and that was really worring that I put a suicidal influence on him

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