how to tell my mother I have depression?

I am so depressed and think I have psychotic depression. I want to see a doctor and maybe have anti depressants but I need to tell my mother first but I dont know how.. help please xxx

Answer #1

Just tell her you havent been feeling very well…

Answer #2

Tell her everything that is going on inside you… and she is the one that will decide from then on.

Answer #3

I suggest showing her how you feel act infront of her how you feel inside, if she is a good mother she will see that you are not happy, bring it up and even tell her you think you are depressed, explain the feeling and she will decide what is best for you.. and maybe bring you to a phychologist..

depression sucks, try thinking in a happier mind set,usually you dont need medication to help you, you just need help with dealing with things. be more positive

Answer #4

really just tell her right out what you think. at first in my therapy my aunt didnt believe me so sometimes you have to bring it up more than once, and then eventually they get used to the idea. just dont worry too much about that because eventually if you ask you will get help. if you dont ask then you wont get help.

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