Why is my friend depressed?

he is depressed and not talking. and might be suicidal. he keeps talking to himself and talks no to one else.

Answer #1

approach him not in a dramatic way like OMG!! whats wrong with you?! NEVER do that. that will make a person really go suicidle. dont call them out on their problems, approach them like a good friend and ask if they want to talk. :)

Answer #2

try to talk to him keep trying and trying but when you see a change like if he gets REALLY angry just stop and back off. .!! keep trying just so he knows you care and he has someone to live for when you do talk to him dont jump to conclusions and dont bring up deATH but if he says something just let him know your there!

Answer #3

this guy needs help. sounds like there could be something physiologically wrong with him, he needs to get diagnosed. Also even if he won’t talk to you, tell him you’ll always be there for him.

Answer #4

well it’s obvious he needs help hun. you should tell someone.

Answer #5

tell someone now how long has this been going on?

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