How can I help my overweight and depressed friend?

I need advise on how to help my friend!? She suffers from depression, anxiety, low self esteem and is very over weight. She is a wonderful person & a good friend but my fear for her is that is she doesn’t get help soon for her depression she’ll do something desperate or continue to grow past her 400 lbs. If there is anything that you can help me with I’d sure appreciate your help.
Thankyou and God Bless you for all you do. PS. I wasn’t sure were to email you at? Sincerely , Bonita Keeler

Answer #1

Dear moon_stars704, How you get help is to get her to see a counsellor. I’m sure her doctor has suggested a program for her weight. If not then it’s time to see a new doctor. Be sincere with her and tell her you see her heading on a bad path and you are afraid for her. Try to convince her to get the help she needs. Sue…good luck

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