How to tell my friend she smells?

how can I tell my friend that she has a bad odor without hurting her feelings?

Answer #1

You would want to know right? Just keep it between you both and just say it like “ maybe she could try a diferent deodorant” But is it like BO or some other funky smell?

Answer #2

I’d just be honest about it. Obviously, tell her in private, NOT around other people. Just say it honestly and don’t make a big deal of it.

Answer #3

for her brithday or something give her some body spray body wash in a good scent and maybe other good smelling things. — WENTZTLLYY <3

Answer #4

you can just tell her that she has a bad odor smell and just tell her you are not trying to be rude or anything you are just trying to help any future embarrassment.

Answer #5

I wud drop hints like if she is around be like “there is a really bad odor” or get her body spray! =]

Answer #6

just tell her nicley and stuff,rember it’s better to tell her than not to(:

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