How do I get my 8 month old to crawl?

My 8 month old girl wont crawl. She hates the floor, and everytime I try and put her on her stomach she rolls onto her back. She screams no matter how long I leave her on the floor. I know some babies skip crawling and go straight to walking but she’s been so clingy these past 8 months that I cant wait until I dont have to hold her 24/7. Any advice?

Answer #1

let nature take its course when your babys ready she will crawl then there be no stopping her some babys don’t but its nothing to worry about some just start earlier then others my kids when they were younger crawled at different ages just enjoy your baby before you look round she be walking hope this has helped

Answer #2

well you can do what my mom did… she put me on the floor and walked around the corner… I cried for a good ten mins or so… give or take… but eventually I stopped because I realized now one was there to hear me cry… now granted my mom could still see me but I couldn’t see her… and then eventually I would start thinking “hey where the heck is everyone?? dont you hear me crying??” and so I rolled on my belly and started crawling to go see if I could find people… and I was crawling… now when you go shopping and they are old enough to know what they are doing… say 2 or 3… and they start crying in the store… take them out to the car put then in their seatbelts roll the windows down so they get air… and lean against the back bumper… once again.. they cant see you so they eventually stop crying… realizing no one is there to hear them cry.. when they are done ask them “are you done now??” and then take them back inside… continue doing it untill they get the message… I know it only took like 3 or 4 times befor I got it… lol… I know it sounds mean and hatefull… but if you dont make them think independently… they never will…

Answer #3

My son had the same problem, what I did though was stood him up on his feet and supported his weight as he walked around. eventually he realized that he could explore that way and learned the benefits of crawling.

Answer #4

stop picking her up when she cries. She knows she just has to cry and she’ll get what she wants.

Answer #5

Mine didn’t crawl at 8, I was worried, I took her to her doc, after the check up, the doc said she was ok that I should let her be. But on her 9 1/2 month, I was sleeping on the mat with her only to wake up and noticed she has vanished, I searched everywhere & later saw her in the kitchen. Only God knows how long it took her to get there. But that was d crawling then walking started.

Answer #6

do not force your child to do anything. They will do everything themselves when they are ready. If you don’t attend her every need she’ll learn that she has to do it herself. Just bear through the crying and she’ll figure it out.

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