How can I get my 4 month old son to sleep?

When he was 1 month old he would sleep through the night, but after his surgry at 6 weeks old he now doesnt want to sleep. He has been on cereal since he was 2 months and he has just started on baby food. He eats very well and has a half-way regular schedule. I dont know why but after the surgry his whole personality changed. He might sleep about 2 hours at a time and wake up screaming and crying with tears. I dont know what to do anymore im stressed to the limit.

Answer #1

this is what you need to do. keep him on a full shcedule.. if wakes up around 8 he eats breakfast. after that let him play him self out then at 11 its nap time. around 1 its lunch time he can play some more dont let him drink two much juice water is the key he can have at least two to three drinks that aint water too much sugar will keep them up. before he goes to bed give him a nice warm bath wash him hair massage him lotion him up clean clothes give him a warm bottle of milk and he will be sleep in no time

Answer #2

Actually you wake him in up on hte day try to keep him busy And when the night comes hes goign to be really tired trust me im only 16 but iva had that tecniques while baby sittin overnight

Answer #3

I’m only 15 but if he is having trouble sleeping then try driving him around in a car my parents said they used to do that with me and after like 20 mins I’d be asleep and if that doesn’t work then go to the doctor and ask him

hope it helps

Answer #4

why dont you stroke his temple with your finger x back and forth thats what I did with my neice xx

Answer #5

He is having pain when he is sleeping then, I would ask the doctor about it. That doesn’t sound like something you would just keep living with.

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