Should a 9 month old be crawling?

Is it not late for a 9 months old baby not to have crawled by now?

Answer #1

I agree my twin cousins tucker and zaid didnt start crawling until they were 10 monts old witch was like 6 months ago now they are walking every baby is different

Answer #2

No all baby’s are different my grandaughter will be 9 months august 19th. and she does not crawl yet.

Answer #3

no its normal . every baby is different. some babies skip right from crawling ot walking. dont worry my daughter wasnt crawling at 8 months yet and I was worried too. and one day she just took off. he still has plenty of time and seriously some babies just never crawl.

Answer #4

all babys are different my daughter started holding her own bottle at 2 months old and started walking at 10 months but my friends baby whos 5 days younger then mine didnt strat walking untill way after there first bday…you should give the baby more tummy time they get fustrated after a while and itll help… but dont worry about it when its time youll wish your baby never learned lol thats when they start gttin in trouble enjoy it while you can

Answer #5

my sis could walk by ten months and say hello at 9months but dont worry I didnt start crawiling till I was like 1 so evryones different

Answer #6

its perfectly fine thats when my baby started to crawl…she kindof just started one day…its normal and nothing to worry about…fi she doesnt by the time shes 10 1/2 months then talk to her doctor.

Answer #7

my son can not crawl but he pull’s himself along like a solider crawling on the ground and he is 1 next month

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