My 8 months old baby

My 8 months old baby always rubs her eyes whenever I’m breastfeeding her. Is it normal?

Answer #1

mhhm its normal

Answer #2


Answer #3

I have had five younger siblings and most babies have this “thing” they like to do when nursing. The baby we have right now likes to push things that won’t move with her legs, and one of them liked grabbing at air. and another just patted her own rear end. Rubbing their eyes is ok, and CUTE!

Answer #4

Yes, it’s normal. Usually when you feed a baby, they get tired. Or if the baby wakes up at the time he usually doesn’t so don’t worry. Just a sign he’s tired and should be put to bed in a little bit.

Answer #5

yes it’s normal. When my daughter used to breastfeed she would always be rubbing her earlopes or my earlopes. It’s comforting to them.

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