Help! My 8 months old baby...

My baby was born at 32 weeks at 1.6kg and she is now 8 months and weighs about 9.6kg. My problem is that she has not started crawling or reaching out for toys with her hands but prefers picking toys with her mouth. And most times it’ll look as if her eyes crosses. But she bears her weight well on her legs and she can stand holding onto something, but she prefers standing on her toes. Above all she’s very healthy and plays a lot. Is there anybody with my kind of experience or should I be worried? Help!

Answer #1

I would suggest a good conversation with your pedatrition.

Answer #2

I would suggest going to speak to your doctor just as harleyrider said.

Answer #3

you could see your doc but I think every baby is not the same and will learn how to do things in there on time you said she was good standing and holding on to things maybe she will learn to walk before she crawls my son is nearly 11 months old has only just cut a tooth and has only just learnt how to sit up but he can not crawl but then my daughter was walking at 11 months but had no teeth the learnt how to crawl so I think it just depends on each child but if you really are worried see your doc to put your mind at rest but I really think every think is ok

Answer #4

I would say talk to your daughters pediatrician but not every baby does things when they are “supposed” to.

My daughter started walking at 11 months…she never crawled. My oldest son crawled…like a snake…on his belly when he was 8 months and didn’t walk until almost 15 months. My middle son “walked” on his knees from when he was 10 months till 13 months.

Kids are all different and they do things at different times but you can never be too careful when it comes to your children. Talk to your pediatrician, it will put your mind at ease.

Answer #5

yes.. my sisters son didnt actually even start talking until almost a few months ago. (he’s going to be 3) give your baby time and play with her get her interested in things to pick up to get her muscle build up. im sure she’ll grow out of the toe standing, my neice did it too!

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