Can I give my 8 month old cow's milk?

My child doesn’t really drink a lot of follow on like but likes juice, would it be ok to swith to full fat cow’s ,ilk already?I know ‘they’ say only to switch once they are1 but I really am wasting milk and money! Has nyone swithched before they’re child was 1?

Answer #1

Cow’s milk does not have all the nutrients that formula does…this is why you should not switch before your child is one. Formula helps with brain growth and development, plus a lot of other things that babies NEED to have. The only other thing that an 8 month old should be drinking regularly is breast milk (since research states that this is better for a baby than formula). Giving fruit juice is ok as long as you are not replacing his/her formula for it…it should be used in addition to formula.

I switched my boys when they were almost 1…around 2 weeks away. My daughter was switched from the doctor when she was 10 months because she stopped breast feeding and wouldn’t accept bottled breast milk or formula. However I needed to give her rice cereal with each of her meals…3 times a day…with formula/breast milk mixed in. That way she still got the nutrients that a baby needs for a healthy development.

Cutting back on your babies fruit juice might help to get him/her to drink more formula…fruit juice is a lot of empty calories and sugar that a baby does not need.

Answer #2

I don’t think you can. Usually the cow may be sick. So I wouldn’t.

Answer #3

No - your child can’t digest cow’s milk yet. Wait until he/she is a year old.

If you’re wasting milk (formula), then maybe you need to cut back on the juice…the formula is more important.

Just a little reminder - nobody said raising a baby was cheap…a lot of money goes into the garbage when you have kids.

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