How can I get my 15 month old off the bottle?

How can I get my 15 month old daughter to take her cup rather then her bottle?

Answer #1

just tell her that the “Bottle Fairy” won’t give her a present (stuffed animal, baby doll, ect.) if she doesn’t give you the bottle to put on a tree for the “Bottle Fairy” to go take to the “Little Babies” who still need a bottle. Tell her that she is a “Big Girl” now. Put the bottle in an bag, hang the bag on a tree, go out after your little one has gone to bed and get the bottle, put in a brand NEW cup AND stuffed animal, and when your little girl wakes up take her outside to get the bag. BOOM! She’ll take the cup!!! because she’ll think she’s a big girl!!! Hope this works because it worked for my little cousin!!!

Answer #2

Reward the cup, but don’t make it an unnecessary battle, you’ll have plenty of time for those when she’s a teenager.

Answer #3

Id say to sart giving her the cup NOT the bottle. Even if she doesnt want to she will eventually use the bottle because thats what there

Answer #4

WHEN it works with you tell me because I cant get my 30 month girl to stop z bottle !!! stop z bottle =stop z milk !!! =(

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