How can I tell if my girlfriend is anorexic?

Ok, so my girlfriend thinks she is fat, and she is like 105 pounds, and she looks like shes about 90. she is skinny, but not extremely skinny like magazines try to make people think they should look. but she looks absolutely beautiful, but thinks she is fat, and she thinks she has fat thighs. but she really isnt, and when me and her hang out, she doesnt eat very much, maybe 3 or 4 bites, and just says that she isnt hungry when shes with me because shes kind of nervous to eat around me for an odd reason that I dont know. but I tell her that she looks perfectly fine, but she doesnt really listen, and will only drink water for the longest time, and she wont have any soda or anything of that sort, because she thinks she needs to diet. so I dont know if she’s anorexic or what. I have no clue. so what does everybody else think? are there signs of somebody being anorexic that I should look for? because I honestly think she is perfectly fine the way she is, and is no where near being fat. so I dont want her to harm herself like that, because its a serious thing that is not good at all.

Answer #1

ok well first off ive been there && she isent shes trying to keep the calories down so she will stay skinny && by drinking water doesnt mean ur anerxic I know some gurls that r like 170something && they only drink water just cause they know its healthy its good for u so she could b but i doubt it

Answer #2

yep she has anorexic. anerxics drink water cos they have no calories in them. they start 2 wear baggy clothes 2 hide that they have lost weight an may hide food in there cuboards or any place were no 1 can find them. if she is losin loads of weight u need 2 tell sum 1 close 2 her about it.

Answer #3

Check this out. It’s a step-by-step guide to how to tell if she might be anorexic.

Answer #4

Check out this article. It’s a step-by-step guide that lists the symptoms and behaviors associated with anorexia.

Answer #5

ok.. first of all the 105lb isn’t that big a deal.. i guess it depends on how tall your gf is.. because like I’m 5’2’’ and 103lbs but perfectly healthy. Have you tried speaking to her about your concerns? That might be the best step forward.. her not eating in front of you could be something very innocent as she doesn’t want to make a mess eating.. You know? If you speak to her and it comes to no avail.. then it’s probably best you do talk to someone close her, that you feel comfortable speaking to as well about it.

Answer #6

well she may just be dieting but if she loses to much weight vconsult a doctor right away

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