How do you exactly tell when enough is enough when are anorexic?

If you have anorexia, how do you exactly tell when enough is enough? And if someone has anorexia how do they fix it and when it messes up your brain will your brain be back to normal when you get help for anorexia?

Answer #1

How do you exactly tell when enough is enough?

That’s the problem with anorexia. Your head gets so messed up that what you thought was enough won’t be by the time you get there. Anorexia is never really about food. It’s about feeling unhappy and trapped and that the only way to deal with it is to master the self, punish the self and disappear the self.

That’s why the person who has it needs to talk to someone who’s an outsider, like a counselor because the things that fix it aren’t really about the food either.

Of course, meanwhile damage has been done to the body and digestive system and so if it goes on for a long time one needs help learning to eat again. One needs help too because the brain becomes wired to associate food with feeling bad.

People do recover though, although it’s a long-haul lifetime project. I know one lady in her 70’s who still backslides occasionally.

Answer #2

What do you mean when enough is enough. It’s never ok to be anorexic. It’s a mental disorder that kills milliions of people and it’s something that needs to be treated as soon as you realize you have a problem.

As with any addiction or mental disorder, you will always have a part of your brain that will think the same way, you just learn how to deal with it, change your way or thinking, and how to live your life the right way.

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