How to help my girlfriend not be anorexic?

my girlfriend had here baby yesterday an now shes starving her self she refuses to eat an shes anorexic but quite big as she has only had her girl last night is there anything I could do

Answer #1

Hi, Considering her knowledge of anorexia, it may be hard to advise her to change because if her profile is correct, she is a doctor who specialises in this eating disorder.

Answer #2

Ohk you said she had her baby yesterday, how long has she not been eating? Because one day of starvation doesn’t make an anorexic. Im assuming she wasn’t starving herself while she was pregnant cause that would have been really bad for the baby?

Answer #3

shes been anorexic for 2 years some days she would eat an then she would starve her self for a week or somthing then she would eat again

Answer #4

She needs professional help. You might want to mention to her (that is if she is breastfeeding) that starving herself could damage the baby and cause him/her to be underweight and have a lot of health ailments.

Answer #5

She needs counseling… PERIOD. With someone who specializes in eating disorders…

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