How do i tell my girlfriend that her vagina smells bad?

How do I tell my Girl Friend that her Vagina has a bad smell to it...It smells like a sweaty armpit..I don't want to her her feelings..Do you have any idea why it would smell that way

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Maybe she hasent gotten in the whole deal of dueching. Yeah its best you don't tell her yet anything, im sure she can probably smell herself.

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All women are different. it could be for different reasons but if you were decent at all you would never ever tell her that!!!

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Better you use some body odur sprays near vagina and continuw your batting

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Yo dont listen to these pple up here. If she knew her stuff smelled like hot garbage dont u think she would do somethin about it. Poor girl probably thinks its normal. Nobody wants 2 have sex with someone who smells like they ran tour de france before they came over!!! Dude you gotta be str8 up an suggest that ya'll take showers before yall get in2 it. Who in the world enjoys a stank booty

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tell her tew takee a bathh !!!

&& if she has lOnqq fakee finger nailsz that means she cant wash dOwn there sO gOod !!

&& if she thinks yhur beingg mean just leave her cause I knOe yhu dOnt want tew gO out with a stinknqq private part next tew yhu !

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Dear john12,
If you are having sex you should be able to have a conversation about it??? All women have their own odour as men do. A proper cleaning routine prior to sex is important. Shower together and spend time cleaning those special areas...You can tell her this is something you enjoy before sex. Never have her use douches or body perfume...the douches are upsetting to a women's system and causes more odours eventually. Perfume just smells like perfume and body odour.
Sue...good luck

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