How can I tell if my friend is anorexic?

so i have this friend and shes liek my best friend we pretty much know everything about each other. but i really think theres something wrong with her. her dad always told her she was fat even thoguh she was the skinniest little thing ever at the time. then i noticed everytime she’de get upset, she would just eat and eat. i think it was emotional eating or something. then when she finally started looking healthy her dad called her fat even more. now she just idk she pretty much doesnt eat breakfast or lunch and then will maybe eat something little and now this is a rutine. it makes no sense. she thinks shes so fat. but shes not. i dont think shes really getting much vitamins either from say a package of ramen noodles once a day. i dont knwo what to do about this or what it even is. anyone help?

Answer #1

I think it’s really good that you’re worrying for her. :( It will be hard for her to change her mind about not eating.

You should ask your parents to talk to her dad. Or maybe even you could if your brave enough. It’s really not good of him to be telling a thin person she’s fat.

Answer #2

i understand how she 16 and 96-98lbs.everyone questions me if im anorexic…(which im not) but my dad would do the same thing…well…anyways maybe she loves to eat…wen shes upset [[completely normal]] maybe a fast matabolism. or maybe never has an appetite. its good your worrying for her.ask her? be upfront w/ her. but DONT ask r u anorexic? just sorta nudge it on her ya kno.b/c it really hurts wen ppl accuss me of being anorexic…since im so little, ya kno. hopefully thins helps!!


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