Can you tell me if I'm anorexic?

ok so my ? is I wouldl like to know if I am considered with an eating disorder or not?

I weigh myself everyday sometimes more than once to make sure I have not gained weight or to see if I lost any. I eat 1,000 cals a day but you know I have some days where I might eat alittle more but for the most part 1,000. I freak out if I have to eat something “bad” I look in the mirror and I see a fat person. I got called fat most of my life. I excerise a lot. walk over an hour do taebo and sit ups.. I dont skip meals for the most part but if I eat bad things day before I do skip some meals and eat less than I would the day before.. I eat enough to live I guess. oh and I’ve lost 3 lbs in week and half now I just want to have answers that pertain my ? if you all think I am sick than ill go from there…

Answer #1

what is edNos?

Answer #2

you could only be clased as anorexic if your BMI is 17.5 or less and you’ve not had a period for at least 3 mths…which I’m guessing you’re not. instead you could be EDnos = eating disorder not otherwise specified.

Answer #3

DILZ: not true. there’s no particular calorie limit they have. they set their own limit. sometimes they have to eat a certain amount due to living with family or needing food for energy to work.

Answer #4

if you don’t fit the criteria of anorexia or bulimia, they genrally classed you as eating Disoder not otherwise specified…ednos.

Answer #5

well I was just curious to know if I was my friend knew what I was doing and she considered me as ana… so I was just curious..

Answer #6

Darlin, everyone these days does what you do. 1000 calories is a lot. I ate 500 today ;l

Answer #7

Anorexics don’t flaunt around their anorexia, they hide it. Your probably wanorexia.

Answer #8

thanks for all your help.. :)

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