How can I fix this?

I got into a fight with my cousin and punched him. Not as hard as I could, but enough to leave a mark on his back. He was saying girls couldn’t do anything. Not his exact words, but summed up. I know it was wrong, I am not perfect. I made a horrible mistake. Now, he will tell his family and they will hate me. I told him I was sorry. I know everyone will hate me. How can I tell them I made a mistake. I really won’t do it again. I feel bad.

Answer #1

EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES this is part of life. His family will know that. Tell them what happened and try to explain what you were feeling. Apologize to his family and him…again…in front of his family. Things eventually will work out fine for you and try to remember that a lot of teenage boys “tease” their family members and try not to take it personal.

Answer #2

Let them know that the two of you were having a heated discussion when you let it get the best of your emotions. Show them that you truely mean what you say and let them know that you feel remorse for your actions. They shouldn’t hate you for it. We are human we make mistakes especially when arguements are involved and family members.

Answer #3

Yea what the person abovie said also tell them about what he was saying they might just beleive you

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